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Complete with basket, the neXus 1 features...

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1 Mark
2 Jacob
3 Larry the Bird

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Useful Tips for Using a Rollator Walker

  • Place the rollator slightly ahead of you before you start taking steps.
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We consistently uphold our promises, both as individuals and as a collective. By being transparent in our communications, we foster trust and assurance among employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Valuing the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our colleagues, we demonstrate consideration without discrimination. Committed to understanding and meeting the expectations of our customers, we ensure everyone performs their roles diligently, prioritizing safety and well-being in our workplace.

Together as the Essential Mobility Products Group, we emphasize teamwork to achieve our shared objectives. Prioritizing the business's pivotal needs, we collaborate on solutions that benefit both the customer and the group's interests.

Fostering a culture of sharing and curiosity, we encourage the free exchange of information and ideas. By offering constructive feedback and addressing ethical concerns promptly, we maintain an open and transparent environment.

Boldly charting new paths, we question conventional wisdom and embrace change. While actively engaging in business, we consistently seek innovation throughout our entire value chain.

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